WRC- Frequently Asked Questions

Women's Rock Camp


Q: When will the next full 3-day WRC program take place?
A: Fall 2016!

Q: What are the usual ages of WRC participants?
Participants represent a wide range of ages- so far we've had campers between 19 and 72!

Q:  How much can I learn in one day starting from zero?
A:  The WRC Sampler is a fun one-day program to get a feel for the full program. If it's your first time playing your instrument, this is a great way to check it out. Most WRC participants are very much beginners; check out RAD WRC BANDS to see how much you can learn in the 3-day WRC weekend!

Q: What did past participants have to say about instrument instruction at WRC?
    • "Guitar - Was totally awesome, a miracle to learn so much so quickly. Nice to be able to request things to learn too."
    • "I liked how the instructor catered to different learning styles (visual, audio, kinesthetic, etc)."
    • "I thought the drum instruction was a great introduction to the fundamentals. And Carey and Anna did a great job - very patient with us, gave us enough time to get the hang of stuff and also showed us lots of variations that weren't too hard to understand, at least for beginners."
    • "Bass class was awesome! Kyle is really a phenomenal instructor. She was clear, direct, and engaging. I especially love her positive and humorous attitude.....and appreciate her ability to connect with our beginning skill levels, but still make it a fun and challenging class."

Q:  If friends sign up together, can they be in the same band?
A:  In most cases, yes.  We just need to keep an eye on the instrumentation (so your band doesn’t have three drummers, etc).  Please email Shawna if you’re hoping to be in a band with friends.

Q: If a whole band signs up together, can they get matched (stay together) as a band at WRC?
A: Yes, WRC is a great opportunity for bands to have fun and develop skills together.  In addition to instrument instruction and songwriting instruction, your band will have the chance to work with a band coach, connect with other women musicians, learn some music herstory, and much more.

Q:  I have an important and unavoidable commitment during WRC - is it okay to miss part of the day?
A:  It's not ideal to miss part of the day, but it's fine.  Be sure to check in with Shawna, so that we can figure out what sessions you will miss, in case there's any handouts or anything that we'll want to let you know before the next day.

Q:  Do you offer financial aid for Women Rock Camp participants?
A:  We offer limited financial aid because Women's Rock Camp is a fundraiser for our youth programs. Over 50% of our youth participants receive full or partial financial aid, and no one is ever turned away for lack of funds.  We must ensure that we raise at least $3,500 for our youth programs through WRC. If you need help raising money for WRC tuition, you can set up a fundraising page here and collect donations from friends and family --> WRC fundraising page.

Q:  How do I confirm my WRC spot, and what are my tuition payment options?
A: Tuition for Women's Rock Camp is sliding scale $75 to $300. To confirm/hold your WRC spot: 
Before October 10th:  Please make a payment towards your full tuition within two weeks of your application.  If you are unable to pay your full tuition at once, you may pay in installments:
          • Installment plan:  Maximum of 3 installments.  Each installment should be $100 or more.  You must pay at least $200 by October 1st to continue holding your spot.
          • If you'd like to pay in installments, please contact Shawna and let her know your plan!
After October 10th:
Please pay your full tuition as soon as possible since WRC is fast approaching!  You will receive an email from the WRC Coordinator with more details.

Q: What is the WRC refund/cancellation policy?
A: If you need to cancel your enrollment in WRC, please call 510.267.1808 or email Shawna as soon as possible. Should you need to cancel your enrollment prior to October 8th, we will charge a $25 processing fee.  From October 8th-24th, partial (50%) refunds can be given (minus a $25 processing fee).  Beginning October 25th, 2015, tuition cannot be refunded.

Q:  Do I need to pack a lunch?
A:   Coffee and bagels will be provided in the morning. BAGRC will also be providing lunch.

Q:  Will there be a waiting list if the program fills up?
A:  Yup.

Q:  Is the program site wheelchair accessible? 
A:  Yes.

Q:  What about parking and transportation?
  • Public Transportation:  The 12th St. BART Station is 6 blocks away from the Malonga Center.  There are also multiple AC Transit bus lines that stop within a few blocks. For more information on public transportation, visit http://www.transit.511.org
  • CAR: There is a daytime parking lot across from the Malonga Center that charges $6.50 in cash. Street parking has a two hour time limit and please beware that parking enforcement is FIERCE in the area.

Q:  I live in the area and am interested in hosting a camper from out of town. How do I sign up?
A:   There may be a few WRC participants who do not live in the area, and would like to stay with a host.  If you are interested in hosting a fellow camper, please contact Shawna

Q: I’m from out of the area.  What are my options for lodging in Oakland?
A:  There are various options for places to stay, including:  staying with another WRC camper or BAGRC volunteer;  staying in a local hotel/motel/hostel (could be shared with another out-of-town WRC camper; or checking AirBnB  or http://www.couchsurfing.org. You can check out reviews for local hotels/hostels on sites like lonelyplanet.com, tripadvisor.com, etc.  Some nearby local hotels include:
  • Clarion Hotel Downtown Oakland City Center.  About 3 blocks from WRC site.  
  • Oakland Marriott Civic Center.  About 7 blocks from WRC site.  
  • The Washington Inn  About 9 blocks from WRC site.  
  • The Courtyard Marriot Oakland Downtown

Q: Was WRC formerly known as Ladies Rock Camp?
A: Yup, from 2009 to 2012. We are now Women's Rock Camp or WRC.

Q: My question is not on this list, what should I do?
A: Please call 510.267.1808 or email Shawna for any other questions!